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aptitude tests

The following organizations provide aptitude and proficiency tests in programming and computer topics.

Berger Series
A set of proficiency and aptitude tests from Psychometrics, Inc., Henderson, NV (www.psy-test.com). Tests are available for many programming languages, including Ada, C, C++, CICS, COBOL, IBM 360/370 Assembler, Xbase and Visual Basic. Tests for MVS and Unix are also available. Aptitude tests include B-APT for people with no programming experience, B-APT AF for the experienced and B-SYS for systems programming. All tests are paper and pencil, multiple-choice, administered by the recruiting or hiring firm. Psychometrics provides results by phone and by mail.

Language-Free Programmer/Analyst Aptitude Test
A test used to measure a job candidate's potential to understand and apply reasoning, logic, computer math and procedural rules. It tests the relative cognitive abilities of a candidate rather than knowledge of specific computer languages. Often used to evaluate employees for internal promotion into IT, it may also determine an individual's potential for working with proprietary software.

Technical skills tests developed by the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute, Big Rapids, MI (www.nocti.org). Emphasis is placed on both educational clients, as well as business and industry customers.

Prove It!
A set of software-based proficiency tests from Kenexa (www.kenexa.com) that cover a wide range of technical and clerical skills. The company also makes Prove It.Com, a subscription-based, Internet version of 65 tests for assessing various computer programming and related technical skills. Tests are available for one-time or continued use. These tests were originally developed by Know It All, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.

A series of more than 150 online tests from International Knowledge Measurement (IKM), East Brunswick, NJ (www.teckchek.com), to measure programmer proficiency. Originally developed by Bookman Consulting, the Web-based results are delivered to companies and employment/recruiting firms after they have administered tests from their locations. The assessment series includes tests for C, C++, COBOL, CICS, ColdFusion, DB2, Java, Lotus Notes, Oracle, PowerBuilder, RPG and Visual Basic.

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude
A brief, written test that measures basic ability rather than formal schooling or job experience. It uses pictures and simple sentences to ask questions about everyday objects and situations.

Wolfe-Spence Programming Aptitude Tests
A set of tests for programming, systems programming and systems analysis offered by Walden Personnel Testing & Consulting, Inc., Montreal, Quebec (www.waldentesting.com). Despite a growing online capability, completed test booklets are most often faxed or sent to U.S. scoring centers in New Jersey. Walden mails or faxes back a detailed evaluation report on each candidate.

(Wonderlic, Inc., Libertyville, IL, www.wonderlic.com) In business since 1937 and a founding member of the Association of Test Publishers, Wonderlic offers job-specific tests that assess the candidate's knowledge of a trade or profession. Tests are available for computer programming, computer technology, CAD/CAM and graphics/imaging. The company also offers Hay Aptitude tests to identify candidates who can work quickly and accurately with alphanumeric data.
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