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A logic operator having the property that if P, Q, R, … are statements, then the NOR of P, Q, R, … is true if all statements are false, false if at least one statement is true. Derived from NOT-OR. Also known as Peirce stroke relationship.


Not OR.

The Boolean function which is true if none of its inputs are true and false otherwise, the logical complement of inclusive OR. The binary (two-input) NOR function can be defined (written as an infix operator):


Its truth table is:

A | B | A NOR B --+---+--------- F | F | T F | T | F T | F | F T | T | F

NOR, like NAND, forms a complete set of Boolean functions on its own since it can be used to make NOT, AND, OR and any other Boolean function:





(Not OR) A Boolean logical operation that is true if all inputs are false, and false if any input is true. An exclusive NOR (XNOR) is true if both inputs are the same. See flash memory and NAND flash.

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He began by taking charge of certain delicate missions which can be given neither to a man who respects himself nor to a man who does not respect himself, but are confided to grave and enigmatic individuals who can be acknowledged or disavowed at will.
They took with them the sumpter mules, which carried in panniers the wardrobe and table furniture of Sir Nigel; for the knight, though neither fop nor epicure, was very dainty in small matters, and loved, however bare the board or hard the life, that his napery should still be white and his spoon of silver.
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