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noise reduction coefficient, NRC

The average of the sound absorption coefficients of an acoustical material at frequencies of 250, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Hz, expressed to the nearest integral multiple of 0.05.
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NRC Realty & Capital Advisors conducts accelerated sales programs for commercial real estate.
The NRC responded to a NASA request, and its study contains similar findings to the other studies.
This is consistent with the NRC's conclusion that the data from Chile could be considered in the evaluation of the U.S.
The NRC introduced a proposed rule change on November 26, 2003, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
The key is to tell FedNor to put all of its energy into getting NRC research centres in both of the North's major cities.
First, great care and thought needs to be given by the sponsoring NRC board to drafting the mandate to committees.
Under the partnership, the NRC will educate its national network of 20 state affiliates and more than 4,000 member recycling organizations and advocates around the country about the Reuse-A-Shoe program.
"The simple reason," said Mariotte, "is that the information is not particularly useful to terrorists, rather, it's useful to the US public, which monitors the safety of nuclear power reactors." Mariotte pointed out that plant-specific security-related information never has been posted on the NRC's website, nor made available in the agency's Public Document Rooms.
The NRC group also proposed that there be means for frequent communication between postdocs and their advisors, research institutions, funding organizations, and scientific societies.
The 14 NRC Research Press titles join 300 titles already available in the ADONIS EJS service.
The NRC staff found that the facility complied with all the relevant safety and environmental justice standards.
Horn's finding back in 1981 made a lot of people unhappy, especially at the utility, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), and the NRC. Perhaps the only ones who came out pleased were the activists who made sure that the NRC paid attention to Horn's allegations.