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NRS is the nation's leader in compliance and registration products and services for Investment Advisers, Broker-Dealers, Investment Companies and Insurance institutions.
NRS offers a full range of financial services stemming from accounts receivables management.
As a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership, NRS recently received the highest possible score of 1.
NRS delivers competitive supply chain advantage -- from factory all the way to the store through an exclusive joint venture with China logistics provider Sinotrans.
NRS will also offer AdvisorMail clients access to its expert broker-dealer and investment adviser consulting services, allowing compliance personnel to work hand-in-hand with knowledgeable consultants to custom tailor the NRS eSupervisor Premium Lexicon to meet and exceed their organization's specific needs.
Financial services companies nationwide have come to rely on LiveOffice and NRS for help in meeting the strict compliance guidelines set forth by organizations like the SEC and NASD," said Steve Uhring, vice president of sales and marketing for LiveOffice Corp.
Added Arnold Schepel, vice president of NRS Advertising: "Judging by the comments we receive even today, the powerful effect of Mr.
We chose yellow for the bottom portion because it is a bright, identifiable color -- the color of most highway signs seen around the world in fact -- as well as the color of Gallery of Homes and of NRS.
Studying the organizations of Red Carpet, Gallery of Homes and Tranex Relocation Services, we found there to be a good fit with the National Real Estate Service organization," said Doug Balog, vice- president of the NRS Franchise Division.
Securicor's data management software enables the automated and unattended backup of files to the NRS SecurVault archive system.
We believe our partnership with the NRS will increase awareness of the Home Free program and enable us to better assist runaways across the country.
Adjusted for NRS startup costs, EFI's operating losses for the second quarter of fiscal 1996 were $135,760, compared with operating losses of $517,699 for the same period in 1995.