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The second phase of the project was mainly to focus on the implementation with more emphasis on building technological infrastructure (hardware and software) and the development of NGCC working groups including formulation of a National SDI Policy--to guide implementation of the NSDI, Capacity building and awareness, Infrastructure--Procurement of Hard/Software, networks and Site License--Enterprise License Agreement, software maintenance and support.
Creation of an NSDI strategy--case study of Croatia.
The first country to develop an NSDI was Australia, in 1986.
The merits of the NSDI concept of sharing geospatial data were proved after the disastrous 1993 floods in the Upper Mississippi River Basin.
While the data does not reflect the most up to date status of regional GIS, it approximates a complex process somewhat stalled by institutional inertia, and is used to illustrate the challenge of building the NSDI base, particularly in a country as large as the U.
ESG's use of the FGDC Metadata standard also allows it to search across the NSDI collection of heterogeneous catalogs.
Here we have a beginning which enfranchises the private sector and many non-federal NSDI stakeholders who would otherwise not have a direct voice with regard to issues of common interest.
In the United States, the NSDI isn't being built on a blank slate; most SDIs aren't.
By 1993, FGDC was given the leadership for developing the NSDI (Federal Geographic Data Committee 1994).
While representing the NGA in the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), working on the NSDI Framework, Roswell became involved with the OGC in the Consortium's first year and he promoted FGDC involvement.
The NSDI system would offer full information about traffic in a given location, comprising traffic flows, traffic jams, closures, accidents, limited traffic, alternate routes, road repairs, state and conditions of roads.
The NSDI is the technology, policies, criteria, standards and people necessary to promote geospatial data sharing throughout all levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors, and academia.