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Most recently, Purkiss served as interim director of NSF International's Global Water Division and general manager of the Plumbing Products Program.
Developing, supporting and enhancing research facilities that are dynamic, flexible and adaptive to the needs of the science and engineering community are key challenges for NSF and our partners.
Trosin: NSF International has the only American National Standard for dietary supplements (NSF/ANSI 173), which it has been testing and certifying products to for more than 14 years.
Split NSF by Folder splits NSF file and creates individual NSF files for each folder of the NSF file.
Erdmann Analytics clients will gain access to NSF International's global laboratory network and wide range of technical resources that address evolving requirements in global food safety, water quality, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and environmental standards in the USA and other key markets.
Additionally, to earn NSF Certified for Sport certification, Chia Omega products were screened for more than 180 banned substances such as narcotics, steroids, stimulants, and hormones along with diuretics and other masking agents.
The front decided to arrange a meeting between NSF representatives and the revolutionary youth in the Constituent Assembly, with the attendance of Assembly Head Amr Moussa, who is also one of the founding members of NSF.
NSF International recently formed an alliance with Healthy House Institute (HHI) to educate consumers on a variety of home health and safety topics, Through the agreement, NSF will provide content for the HHI website on food safety, hand washing, nutritional supplements, green living and proper cleaning and maintenance of home appliance products.
NSF certification to ASTM F2831: Standard Practice for Internal Non Structural Epoxy Barrier Coating Material Used In Rehabilitation of Metallic Pressurized Piping Systems verifies that CuraFlo's CuraPoxy LS Coating meets the minimum durability (resistance to corrosion), strength, adhesion and immersion performance criteria for use in rehabilitating pressurized piping systems.
User can export all data (emails, encrypted emails, contacts, attachments, groups, messages, calendar, notes, tasks, address book, journals, to do list & more) of NSF file to PST file.
NSF President Mutsikhoyo Yhobu has started that the federating units endorsed and extended full support to its decision.
This year, NSF acquired two companies in the United Kingdom--CMi and David Begg Associates (DBA).