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Larry brings significant experience to NSI and we're delighted he'll be joining and leading the team.
The facilities will further enable the NSI Fishery Inspectorate at Luderitz to obtain accreditation as an inspection body, thus increasing market access for Namibian fishery products.
NSI will become a unit of the Thomson Scientific and Healthcare Group (TSHG; Phil.
I think companies have rested for many, many years on the idea that consumers generally have a hard time finding out what's going on with a company unless the media picks it up," says Holtzman, who after leaving NSI founded Opion, a company that quantifies the subjective worth of a company based on Internet buzz.
The NSI also unveiled a new initiative, the NSI Global Marketing Program.
NSI claimed to have no knowledge of how BancBoston could have come to such conclusions, saying it had not spoken to analysts about this matter.
The NSI pages include press releases describing its positions on Internet changes.
Angie's client-side experience and ability to grow marketing programs for major international brands make her the perfect person to spearhead our growth," said Mark Mantovani, president of NSI.
March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- NSI, a Washington DC based state and local government consulting firm, today announced that it has acquired On-Point Consulting, which specializes in government relations, strategic consulting and procurement campaigns throughout the State of Florida.
A palette of new programs and workshops has been created as the NSI sets out to deliver a full spectrum of industry training--from introducing youth to the art of moviemaking, to the production of short films and TV half-hours and the development of first features, to a catalogue of training courses intended to buff up skills of working professionals.
The vast majority of the businesses included in the directory were registered during the time that NSI had a monopoly under the terms of its agreement with the DoC, but that still makes the data the property of NSI, the company insists.
NSI common stock will begin trading on a reverse split basis on January 7, 2002.