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(National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction) Following are the NSTISSI National Training Standards for developing curricula. See information assurance, NIATEC, CNSS and CAE/IAE.

4011: Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals

4012: Designated Approving Authority (DAA)

4013: System Administration in Information Systems Security

4014: Information Systems Security Officers (ISSO)

4015: Systems Certifiers

4016: Risk Analyst
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Whitman and Mattord (2005) used the CISSP and NSA (NSTISSI) training standards to develop introductory and advanced knowledge areas they felt were essential to information assurance career progression.
These standards include NSA NSTISSI 4011 standard, the CISSP domains, and the DHS IT Security competency areas.
For NSTISSI, the most important topic was Security Basics with a rating of 2.73 and least important was Policies and Procedures with 1.36.
NSTISSI: Avg AIS Basics 1.64 Basics 1.73 Com 2.45 Planning 1.55 Policies 1.36 Security 2.73 System Ops 2.36 CISSP: Avg Access 2.55 Apps Sec 2.55 Crypto 2.00 Disaster 2.45 Env Sec 2.09 Legal 2.18 Ops Sec 2.27 Risk Mgmt 2.36 Sec Arch 2.18 Telecom 2.82 DHS: Avg Apps Security 2.40 Continuity 2.00 Data Security 2.64 Env Secure 2.09 Forensics 1.91 Incident 2.27 Net Secure 2.55 Personnel 1.91 Procurement 1.27 Regulatory 2.00 Risk 2.20 Strategic 1.90 Sys Ops 2.09 Training 1.91 How many information assurance courses are used to teach the following topics?
Total NSTISSI: Courses AIS 8 Basics 12 Com 18 Planning 11 Policies 11 Security 17 System Op 19 Total CISSP: Courses Access Control 16 Apps Sec 23 Cryptography 18 Disaster Recov.