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A necessidade de tratamento dental foi categorizada em: "necessita ou nao necessita", e para sua determinacao foram verificadas as questoes do banco de dados do SB Brasil 2010 (NT1, NT2, NT3, NT5, NT6).
Also, Hotelday+ is pioneering an industry first: Each guest services officer at the reception counter has access to an extra NT5,000 to be used in meeting the unexpected personal requirements of guests.
One participant (NT5), however, demonstrated large changes in three of the measures and a moderate decrease in speaking loudness: an increase in F0 for the Rainbow Passage (+21 Hz.), a decrease in L/H ratio for the Rainbow Passage (-8.5 dB), and an increase in L/H ratio for the passaggio task (+12.5 dB).
For NT4 and NT5, no obvious morphological change was observed in jujube-treated astrocytes.
(nt5) Em portugues comumente se utiliza o verbo "dar" na forma ativa para referir-se a acao sexual da mulher, embora seu significado possua conotacao que tradicionalmente revela passividade.
However, if the activities are initiated in advance, planned and focused without interruption, time may be enough as shown in the testimony of NT5 and NT7.
Murphey [35] proposed a method to automatically recover, repair and analyze Windows NT5 (XP and 2003) events logs.
As a support, [p75.sup.NTR] binds both pro/mature forms of NGF and other neurotrophins (NTs, BDNF, NT3, and NT5), takes part in retrograde axonal transport of NTs (as survival or apoptotic factor), and works as a shuttle molecule for BDNF and NT4 (RBC survival NTs) [44, 49].
The most common mutation identified in both Indian groups was IVS1 nt5 (G>C).
No recent international travel ([double dagger]) NT1 61/M White FL NT2 45/M White CA NT3 63/M White SD NT4 61/M South Asian IL NT5 67/M White FL NT6 44/F Hispanic TX NT7 21/F Hispanic TX NT8 67/M White IL NT9 42/M White WI NT10 62/F White IL NT11 26/M White PA NT12 40/F White NY NT13 64/M White CT NT14 29/F White MI NT15 62/M White NY Recent international travel ([double dagger]) T1 35/M South Asian DE T2 14/F South Asian TX T3 32/F South Asian TX T4 24/M South Asian TX T5 35/M White IL T6 24/M White MD T7 63/M White AL T8 23/M South Asian ME T9 53/M South Asian MD T10 66/M South Asian TX T11 22/M South Asian MD Travel Transplant Jaundice Countries history and (organ) visited case-patient no.
Antibody Alternate name Reactivity CD29 (1) Integrin beta 1 PE rabbit anti-human CD44 (2) H-CAM, PGP-1 FITC mouse anti-sheep CD45 (1) Leukocyte common FITC mouse anti-sheep antigen CD73 (1) NT5E, 5' nucleotidase, APC mouse anti-human E5NT, eNT, NT, NT5 CD90 (1) Thy-1 FITC mouse anti-human CD105 (1) Endoglin, ENG, END, PE mouse anti-human HHT1, ORW, ORW1 CD166 (1) ALCAM PE mouse anti-human Antibody Identical amino acid Volume [[micro]L] per residues between man test (in 100 [micro]L PBS) and sheep (%) (3) CD29 (1) 93 10 CD44 (2) -- 5 CD45 (1) -- 10 CD73 (1) 81-89 3 CD90 (1) -- 3 CD105 (1) 70-75 3 CD166 (1) 90 10 (1) BD Biosciences, Beckton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, USA.