NFC tag

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NFC tag

(Near Field Communication tag) An RFID-based electronic device that is made up of a chip and antenna. It can be embedded into other objects such as a business card, poster, prescription bottle or key fob, or it can be a stand-alone sticker that is pasted onto a surface (see NFC sticker).

Types 1, 2 and 4 are based on the ISO/IEC 14443 standard for contactless ID cards. Type 3 tags conform to the X 6319-4c of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). See NFC tags vs. QR codes and NFC.

      Min/Max  Speed   Based onType  Storage  (Kbps)  Standard

   1   96/2KB    106   ISO/IEC 14443A

   2   48/2KB    106   ISO/IEC 14443A

   3   to 1MB    212   JIS X 6319-4c

   4   to 32KB   106   ISO/IEC 14443A&B

   Types 1 and 2 are rewritable.
   Types 3 and 4 come in read-only or
    rewritable versions.
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Para revisar la lista completa de los miembros del NTAG, vease: Nanotechnology Now.
The next assessment consisted of comparing the HTAG and the NTAG to the population mean of the MMPI-2 clinical scales.
NXP's NTAG family fully complies to NFC Form Tag specs, ensuring universal interoperability with NFC devices.
If you don't think so, consider that it all adds up to nTAG allowing event planners and attendees to combine contact data with behavioral data to have insight (pun intended) into concrete benefits received from attendance.
NXP's NT3H2x11 NTAG I2C plus family ICs, available from Mouser Electronics, consist of EEPROM, SRAM, NFC interface, digital control unit, power management and energy harvesting unit, and an I2C slave interface.
Delivering four times' higher data transfer performance than previous versions, this second generation of NXP's connected tag technology maintains full backward compatibility with first-generation NTAG I2C products, providing a cost-effective choice for integrating NFC capabilities into any embedded system.
NXPs NTAG IC plus is the latest development of NXP NFC tags that combines a passive NFC interface and a contact IC interfaces together with a non-volatile memory.
Beyond the target hardware, which includes the LPCXpresso43S67 board with LPC43S67 dual-core (M4F and M0+) MCU and NXP A7001CM Secure Element, NTAG NDC plug-in card, LPC General Purpose Shield (hosting an accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensor, joystick and LCD), IEEE 802.11b/g SD card, this kit is supported by NXPs LPCXpresso IDE and ZentriOS a complete connected product operating system available as a licensable software solution.
EK-004 integrates NXP ZigBee technology such as the recently introduced JN5169 microcontroller with NFC technology like NTAG I2C and PN7120 NFC reader to offer a complete evaluation kit.
The demonstration and development board is based around the NXP LPC11U37 ARMA Cortex M0 microcontroller (MCU) and the NXP NTAG I2C tag IC.
MIFARE Software Development Kit has been launched by NXP Semiconductors for MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG products.
today announced the release of MIFARE Software Development Kit (SDK) for MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG products.