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(Non-Volatile DIMM) A family of non-volatile memory standards from the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (see JEDEC). NVDIMMs use the DIMM DDR4 form factor, which has traditionally housed volatile RAM chips (see memory module). Introduced in 2015, NVDIMM-N and NVDIMM-F were the first two specifications. See non-volatile memory.

NVDIMM-N places dynamic RAM (DRAM) and NAND flash memory on the same DIMM module. If the power drops, a battery or charged capacitor automatically provides current to transfer the contents of DRAM to NAND flash.

NVDIMM-F allows non-volatile NAND flash to be accessed on the DDR bus. This method has not been adopted.

NVDIMM-P provides terabytes of storage and combines the block addressing of NAND flash with the byte addressing of dynamic RAM (DRAM).
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