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It is the hope of all the organizers of the Veteran Expo that this model can work in NY City, where support for veterans has been a topic of furious debate for the past few years.
Konstantinides, whose origins are from the village of Asgata in Cyprus, will be the first of Greek and Cypriot origin to be elected at the NY City Council.
Is race relations at the center of NY City Shooting?
The T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool by StatGear was developed by a NY City Paramedic to provide you with an added feeling of security.
She feels that this fact serves the membership well because NY City property managers have such unique real estate experiences that they require an organization devoted to their distinctive needs.
President/CEO, Douglas Beatty stated at recent Iraqi reconstruction & development meetings in NY city September 20th, , and again in London September 24th - 26th, "That Its an exciting time on all fronts for the Company and our new partner the Havensec group, bringing in Government and private sector opportunities in support of "Operation Iraqi freedom", programs throughout Iraq and the Persian Gulf.
5 million square feet of 'Clas A' commercial real estate in NY City for The William Kaufman Organization, one of the country's major family owned real estate development concerns.
Mapping the Underground City - the NY City Transit Subway
Jones also serves as president of the NY City Building Contractor's Association and board member of the NYBC.