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in zoology: see insectinsect,
invertebrate animal of the class Insecta of the phylum Arthropoda. Like other arthropods, an insect has a hard outer covering, or exoskeleton, a segmented body, and jointed legs. Adult insects typically have wings and are the only flying invertebrates.
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in astronomy, one of the natural satellites, or moons, of NeptuneNeptune,
in astronomy, 8th planet from the sun at a mean distance of about 2.8 billion mi (4.5 billion km) with an orbit lying between those of Uranus and the dwarf planet Pluto; its period of revolution is about 165 years.
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(nÿ -ad) A small satellite of Neptune, discovered in 1989. See Table 2, backmatter.



a stage in the development of some insects (stoneflies, mayflies, and dragonflies). Naiads are aquatic forms. The analogous stage in the development of other arthropods is the nymph.


A satellite of Neptune orbiting at a mean distance of 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers) with a period of 7.1 hours, and a diameter of about 34 miles (54 kilometers).


1. Greek myth a nymph dwelling in a lake, river, spring, or fountain
2. the aquatic larva of the dragonfly, mayfly, and related insects
3. any of certain freshwater mussels of the genus Unio
4. any monocotyledonous submerged aquatic plant of the genus Naias (or Najas), having narrow leaves and small flowers: family Naiadaceae (or Najadaceae)
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With a support team alongside her, Nyad lasted 56 miles and almost 30 hours before an injury to her shoulder and an 11-hour asthma attack that wouldn't abate finally defeated her.
According to the New York Daily News, Nyad raised more than 110,000 dollars from the swim.
American long-distance swimmer, Diana Nyad, has abandoned her third attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida after being stung in the face and eyes by jellyfish.
In addition, NYCO's ultra-fine grade, NYAD 5000, has demonstrated significant performance improvements in engineering alloys.
He's also getting support throughout the trip from an oceanographer, Jenifer Clark, and meteorologist, Dane Clark, a husband-and-wife team in Maryland whose previous clients have included Diana Nyad, the long-distance swimmer who last year became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage.
These two questions were recently raised following an interview with long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad that aired October 6 on Oprah Winfrey's show, Super Soul Sunday.
While interacting with US swimmer and atheist Diana Nyad on her show 'Soul to Soul', the talk show Queen asked Nyad if she was not a God person, then why was she still deeply in awe of the universe like she had told the show's producers, the Independent reported.
MIAMI (CyHAN)- Diana Nyad, 64, is an American author, journalist, and long-distance swimmer noted for her world-record endurance championships.
Diana Nyad plunged into the shark-infested Straits of Florida at dusk on Sunday - she expects her journey to take 60 hours.