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An internal DOS/Windows command that erases a file from the disk. When a file is deleted from the command line, it cannot be retrieved from the recycle bin, so "be careful!" However, files deleted from Windows Explorer are saved in the recycle bin. Del and Erase are two forms of the command. See Delete key.

Following are examples of deleting single and multiple files:
del old.txt     erase OLD.TXT
  del *.txt       erase all TXT files


  erase old.txt   erase OLD.TXT
  erase *.txt     erase all TXT files
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On drawings, abbr. for “delineation.”
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The fundamental ingredient of the theory is the nabla operator [nabla] acting on [LAMBDA].
where is the velocity vector, is the constant density of fluid, is the material time derivative, is the nabla operator, p the pressure, is the dynamic viscosity of the fluid and is the Laplacian operator.
where [nabla] is the nabla operator; H is the magnetic field strength vector; J is the current density vector; D represents the electric flux density vector; E represents the electric field density vector: a is the electrical conductivity.