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see BabyloniaBabylonia
, ancient empire of Mesopotamia. The name is sometimes given to the whole civilization of S Mesopotamia, including the states established by the city rulers of Lagash, Akkad (or Agade), Uruk, and Ur in the 3d millennium B.C.
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the founder of the New Babylonian Empire and the Chaldean dynasty; ruled from 626 to 605 B.C. In 626, Nabopolassar led a rebellion of the Babylonians against Assyria, under whose power Babylonia had been since 729. Late in 626 he seized Babylon, in 620 Uruk, and in 615 Nippur. In 614 he concluded an alliance with the Median king Cyaxares; together they vanquished Assyria in 609.

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Dandamaev seems to misunderstand this particular oath and translates Innin-zer-ibni's statement as a confession: "I took the money and everything the runaway temple slaves of Istar of Uruk possessed and let (them) go": Slavery in Babylonia: From Nabopolassar to Alexander the Great (626-331 BC), tr.
How do we reconcile the divergent views relayed by Nabonidus' own inscriptions with the account of the Nabopolassar Chronicle?
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Before Nabopolassar the Julian equivalents of a few New Year's Days can be inferred with varying accuracy from descriptions of dated astronomical events.
The time before Nabopolassar was represented by 14 New Year's dates inferred from lunar eclipse data in LBAT 1413-1417 (Sachs and Schaumberger 1955, Huber 1982).
The available sample of known New Year's dates before Nabopolassar is more problematic.
The only obvious shift in actual dates is between Nabopolassar and the succeeding kings.
Shamash-shum-ukin 19 Kandalanu 12 Nabopolassar 58 Nebuchadnezzar II 455 Evil-Merodach 35 Neriglissar 92 Labashi-Marduk 5 Nabonidus 1160 Cyrus 306 Cambyses 395 Bardiya 11 Darius 815 Xerxes 25 Artaxerxes 47 (cf.