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Flash point - Nader Shah, arriving in Chandni Chowk, is reported to have found some of his troops lying dead
Combining his extensive know-how with a wealth of passion and hours of hard work, Abi Nader strives to make each dress a perfect extension of the bride's personality.
I'm very comfortable with numbers and I love to work with them," says Hayat Nader, head of compliance at Credit Libanais Group since 2013.
At press time, an Aetna spokesman said the company was in the process of drafting a response to the Nader letter--ed.
According to Nader, Obama is worse than Bush, because he is "more aggressive, more illegal worldwide.
An engineer from Jordan, Nader won a round-trip ticket for two to Dubai, an overnight stay at Le Meriden Hotel, and an exciting on-track adventure at the Dubai Autodrome driving the Subaru and Audi TT.
The fact that Nader was the subject of similar complaints received by his prior employers, only served to make a clear and compelling case against the hospital and Nader.
The book, from Seven Stories Press, is what Nader calls his "answer to Ayn Rand.
With his typical Lou Gherig approach to civic engagement, Ralph Nader moved relentlessly through the fifty states, dragging along a new legion of twenty-something's, who could barely keep up with his seven decades' sprint, full of righteousA indignation and a commitment to win votes for a progressive program ignored by the major party candidates.
Eugene has always been good for us," independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader said Saturday.
Uno de los argumentos de Nader para justificar su candidatura en los comicios de 2008, es la similitud en las agendas y el comportamiento de los candidatos democratas y republicanos.
RALPH NADER announced plans to run again for the US presidency yesterday.