Nafi Grigorevich Dzhusoity

Dzhusoity, Nafi Grigor’evich


Born Feb. 27, 1925, in the village of Nogkau, in present-day Dzhava Raion, luzhnaia Ostiia Autonomous Oblast. Soviet Ossetian writer and literary scholar.

Dzhusoity is the author of the verse collections Heart of a Soldier (1949), Word of the Heart (1953), Lyrics (1955), Thoughts of Ossetia (1959), / Was Born in the Mountains (1960), At a Difficult Age (1962), and Nameless Book (1967); the novella The Sun’s Vortex (1965); and the novels Blood of the Forefathers (1965) and Twelve Wounds Are Like One... (1970). He has published the collection of articles For the Art of the Word (1966), as well as monographs on the classical Ossetian writers K. Khetagurov, S. Gadiev, E. Britaev, A. Kotsoev, and Ts. Gadiev. He has also translated Russian, Ukrainian, and Georgian classics into Ossetian.


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In Russian translation:
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