Nagendra Prashad Rijal

Rijal, Nagendra Prashad


Born Apr. 20, 1927, in Tsang Amang, Dhankuta District, Kosi Zone. Nepalese political figure and statesman.

Born into a well-to-do landowning family, Rijal graduated from the University of Varanasi in India and in 1950 joined the Nepali Congress Party. After the upheaval of 1960, he supported the new panchayat (local self-government) system. He was elected to the National Panchayat (parliament) in 1962 and served as a minister several times in the period 1965–67. He was chairman of the National Panchayat in 1967-68 and 1972–73. In 1973-75, Rijal was prime minister and minister for affairs of the royal court.