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, Ger. Tyrnau, Hung. Nagyszombat, city (1991 pop. 71,783), W central Slovakia. The market for a fertile agricultural region, it produces motor vehicles, refined sugar, agricultural machinery, and railroad cars. The city is also a Roman Catholic episcopal see.
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, Slovakia.
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This trial was held in 1619 in the North-Western part of Upper Hungary in the village of Szilincs and the nearby town of Nagyszombat (slightly to the North-West of dialect area II; by now it has become Slovakized).
This is more useful than one might think: while at the congress, I purchased an eighteenth-century edition of Virgil whose place of publication was listed, in Latin, of course, as "Tyrnaviae." The city was in Hungary at that point, where it was called "Nagyszombat"; it is now in Slovakia, where it is called "Trnava." A kind gentleman from Trnava who happened to be at the congress explained all this to me, but in the absence of such resources, the glossary can save one hours of work.
Piller had been appointed head of the Department of Natural History at the University of Nagyszombat in 1774.