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(both: nā`həlăl) or


(–lŏl), in the Bible, city in N ancient Palestine, part of the inheritance of the children of Zebulon.
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When told that results of a hybrid election system will not be released on the same day, Zarate said: 'Well, we would rather wait that night, we would rather be here for [a period of time] kaysa yung madaling na-proclaim, di natin sigurado o [questionable] yung kanyang mandate, kung siya nga ba nahalal ng mamamayan.'
"Ako po'y 27 taon nang senador, 1992 pa ako nahalal (I have been a senator for 27 years, I was elected in 1992).
Shevel and a university colleague, who served the fledgling institute as chancellor, obtained an old agricultural school at Nahalal, not far from Haifa.
He is related to the Dayan family from Nahalal (whose most famous son is Moshe Dayan, Israel's minister of defense in the 1967 war).
He grew up on Nahalal, the first moshav (cooperative farming community) in Israel, where life was rustic and simple.
I read that 50% of minors whose families are under the poverty line have to go out and work, and I recall those Saturdays when I used to work, simply in order to earn enough money to pay for a bus ride from the boarding school in Nahalal to my home, once in every three months....
Its extreme limits were the Valley of Iphtah-el, Kattath, Nahalal, Shimron, Idalah, and Bethlehem: twelve towns, with their villages.
He was born in 1945 in the moshav Nahalal, in the Jizreel Valley, to Moshe DayanIDF Chief of Staff, Defense and Foreign Minister, and surely one of this country's most iconic facesand Ruth Dayan, a pioneer of the Israeli fashion industry (now 97 and still active, Ruth Dayan survives her son).
After World War I, the Dayan family moved to Nahalal, the first moshav or semi-cooperative in pre-state Israel where Moshe grew up.
In 1933 I lived for half a year in Nahalal, a communal village.
NAHALAL: Israel was in mourning on Monday as it buried the young pilot son of the Jewish state s first and only astronaut, himself killed in the 2003 Columbia space shuttle disaster.