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(both: nā`həlăl) or


(–lŏl), in the Bible, city in N ancient Palestine, part of the inheritance of the children of Zebulon.
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After World War I, the Dayan family moved to Nahalal, the first moshav or semi-cooperative in pre-state Israel where Moshe grew up.
In 1933 I lived for half a year in Nahalal, a communal village.
The pilot s funeral at a cemetery in the northern Israeli village of Nahalal was attended by thousands of mourners, including President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The meetings with George Mitchell, the US envoy to the Middle East, on Monday have been put off for the funeral at Kibbutz Nahalal, in northern Israel, of Captain Asaf Ramon, who died in a training accident on Sunday.
Rest has come to the weary/And repose to the toiler/A pale night spreads/Over the fields of the Valley of Jezreel/Dew below and the moon above/ From Beit-Alfa to Nahalal.
Born in 1948 in the Nahalal agricultural collective in Israel's Jezreel Valley, his mother's home, he was raised in his father's city of Jerusalem.
camaldulensis Dehn from the two most promising seed sources (Hadera, Israel, and Lake Albaqutya, Victoria, Australia), growing at the Nahalal site (western Yizre'el Valley), were determined by using the calibrated heat pulse technique (Zohar and Schiller 1998).
They passed through Nahalal, and Aryeh Lipman stopped for a moment to inquire of a tractor-driver on the whereabouts of Moshe Dayan's grave.
Preserved in the 1928 volume Speeches on Zionism are, in addition to his inaugural address, his brief extemporaneous remarks at Benjamina,(36) all the Haifa Technion, Nahalal, Balfouria,(37) Tiberias and Rosh Pinnah.
In the shorter Baltimore Evening Sun article, however, he does mention visiting Nahalal and Kibbutz Ein Harod.
As for Moshe Dayan (1915-1981), his first "Arab experience" occurred when he took part in violent brawls, which erupted on the outskirts of his village of Nahalal, in the Jezreel Valley, between Jewish youngsters and their neighboring young Arab villagers.
Yesterday, befitting his new-found stature, our first astronaut was laid to his eternal rest with full military honors at Nahalal, an old cemetery, one redolent of an earlier period in our history.