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a family of the big Russian bourgeoisie, descendants of serfs from Vladimir Province. In 1764 or 1765, Egor Ivanovich Naidenov (1745–1821), a posessionnyi krest’ianin (factory serf), was assigned to a dye shop in Moscow. By 1816 he owned his own dye shop and had joined a Moscow merchants’ guild. His son, Aleksandr Egorovich Naidenov (1789–1864), owned land, houses, and numerous dye shops in Moscow.

Until the late 19th century, the Naidenovs were in the cotton and wool trade. Aleksandr Egorovich’s sons, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Naidenov and Viktor Aleksandrovich Naidenov, became bankers during the 1870’s. The Naidenovs were founders of the Moscow Trade Bank, and family members invariably served as the bank’s chairmen. Until 1905, Nikolai Aleksandrovich was chairman of the Moscow Exchange Committee, where the Naidenov group and later the Krestovnikov-Naidenov group held a majority. The group represented the entire Moscow big bourgeoisie and led its ultraconservative wing. After 1905 the group became the mainstay of the Octobrists.


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The document was signed by BSP leader Mihail Mikov, former foreign minister Kristian Vigenin, former defence minister Angel Naidenov, former economy and energy minister Dragomir Stoinev and several other BSP MPs.
The Republic of Macedonia has strategic goals--membership of the EU and NATO--and in this context the support from our friends from the Republic of Bulgaria is very significant, said Macedonian Defense Minister Zoran Jolevski after meeting his Bulgarian counterpart Angel Naidenov in Sofia on Tuesday.
Andrei Krainy, the head of the Russian Fisheries Agency, said the detention of the Oleg Naidenov vessel was provoked by rivalry from the European Union and China.
Andrew Naidenov said he pulled over and both dogs jumped into his vehicle.
The sculpture park will be hosting works by Adeline de Monseignat, Camilla Emson, Luke Hart, Steve Hurtado, David Murphy, Yana Naidenov, Sofia Stevi and Chris Wilcox.
Other institutions to come under fire in recent days included the ministries of interior and agriculture, where minister Miroslav Naidenov said the bonuses paid were just 600 000 leva.
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Bulgarian Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naidenov said, on 3 February, that the country risked losing access to the rural development programme (and its 3.2 billion in funding) if it failed to remedy on schedule the shortcomings of its legislation on procedures for the allocation of funds under this programme.