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A wood strip or block which serves as a backing into which nails can be driven.
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A block of wood installed within construction to provide a means of attaching other pieces of wood or materials.
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nailing strip

A wood strip, attached to a surface; used as a base for nailing or fastening another material.
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Bacigalupi makes Nailer so real that caring for him happens without thought and the pages turn without stopping.
MB: Did you ever hear of what Hathcock thought of Bob the Nailer?
"Given that a very high proportion of those loans do seem to have been written in the property sector and stock market transactions, both of which are continuing to head south at a great rate, the 50 to 60 billion ringgit requirement has to be treated with some substantial grain of salt," Mr Nailer said.
Locate nails about 1/2 inch from the edge of the wallboard and over the nailers.
The offensive onslaught was led by Renfro, Nailer, Smith, and Hanson, all sending runners across the plate with RBIs in the inning.
(B) An 18-gauge brad nailer is the tool of choice for most trim.
Reverting to mares company, A Hardy Nailer is a confident choice to beat Snaidhm and Emconn.
Mostly funded by donations, legacies and grants, recent acquisitions include the reconstructed Barnsley Hall Air-raid Shelter, plus a Bromsgrove nailer's cottage and a second Anderson air raid shelter, both awaiting renovation.
8.31: 11-4 Courtenay Ranger, Rathglass Hero, 4 Soviet Nailer, 5 Mays Rocknroller, Teddy Cool, 11-2 Night Flash.
Nailer, a teenager living in the American gulf coast in the distant future, has a dangerous, low-paying job as a ship breaker.
The Senco Fusion FN65DA cordless angled finish nailer, item# 5N0001N, drives 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" DA series 15 gauge Senco finish nails.