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region, Arabia: see NejdNejd
or Najd
, region, central Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, the country's capital and major city, is located there. The Nejd is a vast plateau from 2,500 to 5,000 ft (762–1,524 m) high.
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The other, Bani-Hizzan, was sedentary living in the wadis of al-Yamama in eastern Najd, just south of their purported cousins, the Banu-Hanifa of the Bakr ibn-Wa'el, who inhabited modern-day Riyadh.
Dant Najd was established as a company in 2008 after Mahmoud Al Darii, its managing director and founder, saw an opportunity to provide transport services in support of the ongoing oilfield developments in Oman along the border with Saudi Arabia.
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Before the emergence of contemporary boundaries in the Arabian Peninsula, this terrain was divided into four distinct regions: Najd (2) also known as Central Arabia, Hijaz (3) also called Western Arabia, Southern Arabia and Eastern Arabia.
Lebanon's Alaa Najd has been announcedthe winner of the first season of Project Runway ME on MBC4 and MBC Masr 2.
Following the introduction, the book unfolds in two large parts, each of which covers the sizable geo-musical areas under study: "Part I: The Najd and Upper Gulf Region" and "Part II: The Hijaz and Southwest Region." The peoples of the Najd or central Arabia have cultural ties with those of the Upper Gulf Region or upper Arabian Peninsula, which includes Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar along the Arabian/ Persian Gulf.
Moreover, the hirelings attacked the army and committees locations in Najd al-Qurein in Dhalea province with diverse arms, and targeted al-Wahbiya area in Baidha province with mortars and machine guns.
The first one, which is related to setting up infrastructure for the new residential area in the Wilayat of Liwa in the Governorate of North Al Batinah whereas the second agreement is related to providing consultancy services for preparing the necessary studies and detailed layouts for the new urban complex at Al Najd area in the Wilayat of Thumrait in the Governorate of Dhofar.
NAJD (Richard Hannon) THE three-year-old was beaten on his debut by Finelcity at Epsom, but shaped with promise in the extended mile contest.
He started a revivalist movement in the remote region of Najd, advocating a purging of practices such as the popular "cult of saints", and shrine and tomb visitation, then widespread among Muslims, but which he considered idolatry.
If the secret ties remain intact, ISIS would shift to Jordan from Syria's south-eastern border and from there, a major branch will be sent via the desert to Saudi Arabia where it will join its unit called "The Hijaz Province", to be helped by Baghdadi's central Saudi unit, "The Province Of Najd".