Nam Tso

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Nam Tso,

lake, Tibet: see Nam CoNam Co
or Nam Tso
, salt lake, 950 sq mi (2,461 sq km), central Tibet, SW China. The largest lake in Tibet, it lies at an altitude of 15,180 ft (4,627 m).
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Nam Tso


(Tengri Nor), an undrained salt lake in China, in the southeastern part of the Tibetan Plateau. It covers an area of about 2,000 sq km and stretches for 80 km from west to east. The elevation at the surface is 4,627 m. The lake is icebound from November to May. It abounds in fish.

Nam Co

, Nam Tso
a salt lake in SW China, in SE Tibet at an altitude of 4629 m (15 186 ft.). Area: about 1800 sq. km (700 sq. miles)