see HanzhongHanzhong
or Hanchung
, city (1994 est. pop. 197,400), SW Shaanxi prov., China, on the Han River, near the Sichuan border. It is a major agricultural and trade center, with some timbering and light industry. The city was formerly called Nancheng.
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, China.
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Contract awarded for Nancheng estuary sancheon (276)
On the surface, "an overall investigation into 'Garlic Event'" has been conducted and "some disposals" have proceeded" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [247]) and Weimin Zhong, who should take the major responsibility, is deprived of his positions as County Magistrate and Deputy Party Secretary of Paradise County and Nancheng Ji, the County Party Secretary, is suspended from his office while the case is under investigation and "some other arrangements" will be made for him: "a few of law-breaking criminals who took the opportunity to instigate a riot" have been "punished by Ministry of Justice according to the law [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (247).
At the end of 1998, the Nancheng Township of Qingshen County and Buyun Township of the Central District of Suining City organized direct elections of government leaders almost at the same time (Xin 2005; Yang 2008).
A high profile woman member of the Drukpa women's wing is 20-year-old erstwhile Chinese princess Jigme Cheneing Khandro from Nancheng province in China.
The only evidence we obtained was that ROCAF COMINT had not intercepted any position report on Chen's aircraft reaching Nancheng.
Today, Elcoteq Dongguan, in the Nancheng District of Dongguan, China, is one of Elcoteq's three volume manufacturing plants in the Asia-Pacific region (the others are in Beijing, and India).