parental control software

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parental control software

A special browser or filtering program designed to reject websites not suited for children. Such programs may screen pages by word content, site rating or by URL, using an updated database of objectionable sites, or any combination of these techniques. Parental control software is also built into Windows and Mac computers, as well as smartphones and tablets. However, third-party apps are also available that can offer more flexibility. See PICS, ICRA and Internet filtering.


   Cyber Patrol
   Net Nanny

Time Restrictions in Windows
On Windows PCs, parents can set up a separate account for each child and allow or block every hour of the week. When a blocked hour is reached, all access to that account is shut off.

Who Knows More
The kid or the parent? Children often know more about how to configure software than their parents. (Cartoon courtesy of Robert Schelling.)
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Employers combated this trend by ( installing nanny software  to prohibit surfing on certain websites.
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Net Nanny Software International Inc, the online web content filtering software company, is to release a computer security product, called PC Nanny, that allows parents to control the access their children have to locally held files on home computers.
Another nanny software program which concentrates on banning access to sex sites ...
ACESS DENIED One of only two nanny software programs which decides that gun-related websites are unsuitable surfing for children of any age
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A NOT really.Most Net Nanny software relies on key words and "sex" can also exclude "Middlesex".