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Louis Napoleon:

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(Louis Napoleon Bonaparte), 1808–73, emperor of the French (1852–70), son of Louis Bonaparte (see under Bonaparte, family), king of Holland. Early Life
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As Morrow points out, Napoleon III of France did not want any single power to dominate within the German confederation.
The Lincolns were moved to tears and demanded an encore, She became rich and famous, touring as far as Leningrad and Buenos Aires then married the Marquis de Caux, equerry to Napoleon III of France in 1868.
These include the Legion of Honour from Napoleon III of France and the Order of St Maurice and St Lazarus from King Victor Emmanuel of Italy.
They were provided with truncheons and white arm bands, and their ranks included Mr Gladstone, Sir Robert Peel and Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, the future Emperor Napoleon III of France, who shared his beat in Piccadilly with the Athenaeum Club's chef.