Narbutas, Teodoras

Narbutas, Teodoras


(also, Teodor Narbut). Born Nov. 28 (Nov. 8), 1784, in the village of Shavry, in present-day Lida Raion, Grodno Oblast, Byelorussian SSR; died Nov. 14 (26), 1864, in Vilnius. Lithuanian historian and publicist. Wrote in Polish.

Narbutas graduated from the University of Wilno (Vilnius) in 1803. His nine-volume work on the history of Lithuania (Wilno, 1835–41) was written from a feudal-monarchist standpoint. Narbutas was a collector of Lithuanian antiquities and folklore. He published sources on the history of Lithuania: the Chronicle of Bychowiec (Wilno, 1846). His works helped popularize the study of history in Lithuania and were highly important for the development of Lithuanian culture in the 19th century.


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