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Towards a topographical model of nargile waterpipe cafe smoking: a pilot study in a high socio - economic status neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon.
There is also a shisha bar, Nargile, as well as a pool bar, beach lounge and spa, which includes a Turkish bath and meditation lounge.
The ban extends to schools and public transport, and covers the nargile, or water pipe, a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
Facilities include a swimming pool, bar and restaurant, library, Turkish nargile caf, plus sauna and massage.
Nargile Restaurant is where we meet and get a good lining while shrieking and carrying on, then up to Dizzys, our old haunt.
Some call it a hookah, hooka, shesha, huka, nargile, narghile, shisha, shesha, sheesha, nargila, or shishah.
Smoking the Nargile pipe, which is filled with flavoured tobaccos like apple, is a daily ritual.
So Ida Pfeiffer, a Viennese world traveller of the 1850s, considers the lethargy of the harem inhabitants a sign of their 'contempt [for] employment and work of every kind' and deplores the state of 'these poor ignorant women' who have nothing better to do than to 'sit cross-legged on carpets and cushions, drinking coffee, smoking nargile, and gossiping with one another'.
These include portraits of the delights of meze and raki, the country's natural beauty and magnificent archeological heritage, the contemplative atmosphere of the nargile salon, the distinctive traditions of camel fighting and oil wrestling, the institution of swimming the Bosphorus (indulged in by the author and beautifully described), and, in a surprise ending, the new Turkey's confrontation with the "real blues.
Avrupalilarin ozellikle Avrupali kadinlarin "sedir uzerinde nargile cekerek yasayan buyulu Sark kadini" tasavvurlarina ragmen Zeynep Hanim ulkesinden zorunlu olarak ayrilmis ve Avrupa' nin degisik yerlerinde tek basina dolasma cesaretini gostermistir.