Narodna Tvorchist ta Etnohrafiia

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Narodna Tvorchist’ ta Etnohrafiia


(Folk Arts and Ethnology), a journal published by the M. T. Ryl’skii Institute of Art Studies, Folklore, and Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR and the Ministry of Culture of the Ukrainian SSR. Narodna tvorchist’ta etnohrafiia is published six times a year. It has been published since 1925.

The journal has been called Etnohrafichnyi visnyk (Ethnological Herald; 1925–32), Ukrains’kyi fol’klor (Ukrainian Folklore; 1937–39 Narodná tvorchist’ (Folk Arts; 1939–41), and Naukovi zapysky instytutu mystetstvoznavstva, fol’kloru ta etnohrafii (Scholarly Transactions of the Institute of Art Studies, Folklore, and Ethnology; 1947–58); since 1958 it has been called by its present name.

The journal deals with the history of Ukrainian folk culture and life in connection with the culture and way of life of other peoples. It popularizes progressive folk traditions and the best examples of folk arts, and reveals the regularities in the development of various phenomena of folk culture and life in the period of communist construction. Circulation, 12,500 (1973).

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