Narodnoe Delo

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Narodnoe Delo


(The People’s Cause), a revolutionary journal that appeared ten times in 1868–69; seven issues of a newspaper under the same name were published in Geneva in 1870. The first issue of the journal was edited by M. A. Bakunin and N. I. Zhukovskii and had an anarchistic character. With its second issue, Narodnoe delo came under the editorship of N. I.

Utin, V. Netov (V. I. Bartenev), and A. D. Trusov, all of whom maintained close and continuous ties with Marx.

Narodnoe delo carried on the revolutionary traditions laid down by N. G. Chernyshevskii and N. A. Dobroliubov. It opposed anarchism and agitated in support of the International Working Men’s Association. Much of what appeared in its pages dealt with the history of the Land and Liberty (Zemlia i volia) organization of the 1860’s. In 1870, Narodnoe delo became the organ of the Russian section of the First International. It published the program of the Russian section, the letters of Marx and J. P. Becker to the committee of the Russian section, and the manifesto of the General Council of the International Working Men’s Association, written by Marx.

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By the late 1860s, Bakunin'sanarchist views were fully formed, and he expounded them in the periodical Narodnoe delo (The People's Cause), which he published in Geneva.

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