Narva, Alliance Treaty of 1704

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Narva, Alliance Treaty of (1704)


between Russia and the Rzecz Pospolita; signed on August 19 (30) near Narva by the Russian ambassador, F. A. Golovin, and the Polish ambassador, T. Dzialynski.

Both sides were obligated by the treaty to act in concert against the Swedes and not to conclude a separate peace. Russia offered the Rzecz Pospolita 12,000 soldiers, and the latter placed 48,000 troops in readiness for the battle with the Swedes. The Russians were to pay 200,000 rubles annually for the upkeep of the Polish soldiers until the Swedes were expelled from Polish territory. The cities that had earlier belonged to the Rzecz Pospolita and were won back from the Swedes were to be returned to the Rzecz Pospolita. The Alliance Treaty of Narva of 1704 was a major diplomatic step and tied down the Swedish forces deep within the Rzecz Pospolita.

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