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By the way, the saltwater spray did the job for me at half the price of the Nasalcrom.
Ascher Non-medicated solutions Nostrilla Insight Fast-acting decongestant Pharmaceuticals Nasalcrom Prestige Brands Allergy symptom preventative Zicam Matrixx Initiatives Cold-shortening homeopathic remedy Total of supermarkets, drug stores, discount stores (including Walmart), military commissaries, and selected warehouse clubs and dollar stores for the 52 weeks ended 7/13/14.
In a deal announced earlier this month, Blacksmith acquired Efferdent denture cleaner, Efferdent denture adhesive cream, Luden's throat drops, Pediacare children's cough and cold medicine, Pediacare Gentle Vapors waterless vaporizer and Nasalcrom nasal allergy relief spray.
Well-established medications include Nasalcrom, Vancenase and other steroidal nasal sprays.
The Nasalcrom brand from Pharmacia & Upjohn, meanwhile, promises to prevent as well as treat nasal allergy symptoms.
NasalCrom, which recently switched from prescription to O-T-C status, is designed to prevent and treat nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion.
Allan Weinstein, Co-Chairman and CEO: Co-founder of parent company Immunomatrix in 1991, Weinstein also established J-Med Pharmaceuticals which creates, patents and licenses pharmaceutical products including Comtrex Day & Night, Actifed Sinus Daytime/Nightime, and NasalCrom Prevention Packs, among others.
One of the most recent products to switch from prescription status is NasalCrom(R) nasal spray, a nasal allergy medication known as a mast cell stabilizer that unlike antihistamines, which can cause drowsiness, steroids, which carry a growth retardation warning, and decongestants, which can cause sleeplessness or jitteriness, NasalCrom does not produce these side effects.
Key brands include Rogaine for men and women, NasalCrom, Cortaid, PediaCare, Dramamine and Nicotrol.
But when used as directed, Nasalcrom can prevent nasal allergy symptoms without these side effects.
In this country O-T-C products include NasalCrom allergy prevention nasal spray, Cortaid, PediaCare and Dramamine.
Nasalcrom is the first OTC allergy treatment indicated for prevention as well as treatment of symptoms of allergic rhinitis and will be marketed in the U.