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see NazcaNazca
or Nasca
, ancient culture of the Nazca, Pisco, and Ica river valleys on the desert coast of S Peru. Flourishing during the first millennium A.D., the Nazca culture seems to have developed out of the Paracas culture, and after 900 it was apparently under
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The late Nasca motifs depicted in the Ayacucho Valley include one that appears to be the stylized versions of Nasca "bean pods" (Figures 9(a)) ([83], 164), in addition to what Proulx ([83], 186) identifies as the "flowering staff" (Figures 9(b), 9(c), and 9(d)), also recognized as the "blackline spirals attached to bars" ([37]; [60], Plate 12; see also [84], Figure 93).
Nasca's belief is that patient compliance rates are greatly impacted by sleep professionals and home healthcare providers who issue equipment and are charged with patient care.
These epigenetic changes, which affect histone proteins associated with DNA, effectively close the book, so the code for mGlu2 cannot be read," says first author Carla Nasca, postdoc in the lab and a fellow of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
(2.) Lacarrubba F, D'Amico V, Nasca MR, Dinotta F, Micali G.
Despite the National Strength Conditioning Association (NASCA) (10) position statement, the recommendations regarding load percentage with certain number of repetitions are differentiated according with fitness status and desired objectives.
Thomas Nasca, chief executive officer of the ACGME, speaking in an interview.
The show's subsequent section, "The Wari Realm," illustrated the spread of the Wari style and religion into cultures of surrounding areas such as that of the Moche and Nasca, located respectively on the north and south coasts of Peru.
However, a study by the North American Swing Club Alliance (NASCA) states that 15 % of couples in the U.S.
and his wife Susan of Charlton; his daughter, Susan McGrath Nasca and her husband Stephen Nasca of Medway; his son-in-law, Dr.