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asian pear

asian pear

Expensive in food stores, great to have growing in your yard.
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The floral bouquet embodies femininity while the subtle top note of nashi pear adds a sea-fresh element.
THE Andrew vowed that his final menu "wouldn't be ruined by over-complicating things" - and then served up a starter of "lobster, caramelised pork belly and a salad of nashi pear and strawberries".
While this is a step forward, the Pancyprian Association of Greek Orthodox Middle-aged Men (PAGOMM), believes the provision does not go far enough as it could force many of its members to needlessly live in sin.In the age of Viagra, the Nashi pear (a powerful aphrodisiac according to the CyBC) plastic surgery and eternal youth the Church should allow a man to marry a woman young enough to be his grand-daughter.
There's an extensive and well thought out cocktail list which offers sumptuous fruity concoctions with nashi pear, passion fruit and fresh lychee.
Described as a multisensory anti-aging scent that combines skin care properties with fragrance, the juice opens with refreshing paradise berry, bamboo leaf and green cardamom, melting into a heart of white mimosa, white peony, freesia and nashi pear, drying down to a base of sandalwood and other woody notes.
Blended with notes of gardenia, ylang ylang blossoms, mandarin, and nashi pear, Wisteria also has a hint of airy musk.