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/nas'tee-gram/ 1. A network packet or e-mail message (the latter is also called a letterbomb) that takes advantage of misfeatures or security holes on the target system to do untoward things.

2. Disapproving e-mail, especially from a net.god, pursuant to a violation of netiquette or a complaint about failure to correct some mail- or news-transmission problem. Compare shitogram, mailbomb.

3. A status report from an unhappy, and probably picky, customer. "What did Corporate say in today's nastygram?"

4. [deprecated] An error reply by mail from a daemon; in particular, a bounce message.
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A nastygram is typically just a signal that the trademark holder wants you to stop using his trademark," says Stuart Mayer, a partner at Mayer Fortkort & Williams, an intellectual property law firm with offices in New Jersey, Virginia, and Texas (http://www.
But some companies go overboard with trademark, copyright, defamation and related intellectual property and free speech issues, flinging out nastygrams indiscriminately, which can have a chilling effect on communication.
Companies try to protect their trademarks through cease-and-desist letters, e-mail messages and nastygrams.