Nasyri, Imai

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Nasyri, Imai


(pen name of Imamutdin Nizamutdinovich Nasyrov). Born Sept. 30 (Oct. 12), 1898, in the village of Nizhniaia Usala, present-day Sterlitamak Raion, Bashkir ASSR; died 1942. Soviet Bashkir writer. Member of the CPSU from 1919. Served in the Civil War of 1918–20.

Nasyri’s works were first published in 1921. The collections of short stories Swallows (1927) and Not These Flowers (1927) describe how life was changed by the Revolution. His novellas portray events of World War I (Alive in the Grave, 1926) and of the Civil War (In the Railroad Car, 1929; Giul’dar, 1930). Nasyri’s novel Kudei (1936) depicts the struggle of the Bashkir Communists against bourgeois nationalism. The novella The Conquered Whirlpool (1937) reveals the change in peasant psychology during the period of collectivization.


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In Russian Translation:
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