Natal Chart

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Natal Chart (Birth Chart; Nativity)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

When most people talk about their astrological chart, they are usually referring to their natal (from the Latin word natus, meaning “born”) chart. A natal or birth chart is a map of the solar system, with respect to Earth (in traditional, geocentric astrology) at the moment an individual was born. Because the planets and signs are usually represented by symbols (referred to by astrologers as glyphs) rather than by words, a natal chart appears confusing to anyone unfamiliar with astrological codes. To the experienced astrologer, however, a natal chart reveals a great deal about the person for whom it was constructed.

The expression natal chart is used exclusively to refer to the birth chart of an individual. It is thus distinguished from such terms as horoscope and radix, which can refer to the chart of an event or to other nonpersonal phenomena. The natal chart is also distinguished from such secondary charts as progressed charts.

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