Natalia Zabila

Zabila, Natal’ia L’vovna


Born Feb. 20 (Mar. 5), 1903, in St. Petersburg. Soviet Ukrainian writer. Became a member of the CPSU in 1940.

Zabila’s work was first published in 1924. Her collections of poetry include Distant Land (1927), Days of Anxiety (1945), and Poems (1963). She is also the author of poetry collections for children, such as lasochka’s Little Book (1934), The Swallows (1937), Our Homeland (1947), and To Little Ones About Big Deeds (1958). Her prose works include Relatives (1934), Katrusia Is Already Grown-up (1955), and Short Stories, Fairy Tales, and Novellas (1962). Zabila has adapted folk tales for children in her collection Under the Green Oak Tree (1952). She has also done translations. Her own works have been translated into many languages, particularly those of the people of the USSR. Zabila has been awarded two orders and various medals.


In Russian translation:
Solntse smeetsia: Stikhi i skazki. Moscow, 1963.


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