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Palmer, Nathaniel Brown


Born Aug. 8, 1799, in Stonington; died June 21, 1877, in San Francisco. American explorer and sealer.

While commanding the sloop Hero in November 1820, Palmer approached the Antarctic mainland at the island of Trinity. With G. Powell, he discovered the South Orkney islands in 1821 while aboard the ship James Monroe. Palmer’s name has been given to an archipelago near the extreme northwest of the Antarctic peninsula and to a section of the coast adjacent to the Orleans Strait (Palmer Coast). In the USA, the entire Antarctic Peninsula is sometimes called Palmer Land.

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1820 - US Navy Captain Nathaniel Palmer is the first person to reach Antarctica.
He identifies Captain Nathaniel Palmer (who must have sighted the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula in 1820, but gave no indication that he realized the significance of what he was seeing) as a whaler.
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Nathaniel Palmer, the man who bumped into (and thus is credited with discovering) Antarctica while on a seal-hunting sail, occupied a white Greco-Italianate house that is now open for tours.
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Organized by industry pioneers Bruce Silver and Nathaniel Palmer, bpmNEXT (#bpmnext2013) follows in the model of similar events such as the TED and DEMO conferences, bringing together the key innovators and influencers responsible for shaping the market as it shifts to its next phase of development.
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