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Funded by the Trust, the Department of Canadian Heritage, the CBC, Telefilm Canada, the NFB, the National Archives of Canada and other public/private sector sponsors, the Awards were launched in 2000.
National Archives Documents are a collection of visual resources from the holdings of the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) that highlight major themes throughout U.
The steel, copper, and titanium capsule and some of its contents will be on display in the rotunda of the National Archives building in Washington, D.
A: I'm an exhibit curator of "American Originals," a changing exhibit of documentary treasures from the National Archives holdings that includes such documents as the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, the police blotter listing the assassination of President Lincoln, and the arrest papers of Rosa Parks.
National Archives Documents are grouped into historical units and often include glossaries, brief biographies, and timelines to put the documents in chronological perspective.
The documents proposed by the National Archives and registered this year in this register concern the abolition of slavery in Tunisia between 1841 and 1846.
Under the mosque building project, dubbed as The National Archives Mosque, new mosque, with an capacity of 800 people, will be built in Mali.
The Watheq (archive) initiative by the National Archives was intended to preserve ongoing, reference and historical documents that could be valuable in writing the UAE's history.
Most people know the National Archives as the building in Washington, D.
NRAA delegation will visit the National Archives of India HQs' in New Delhi to reproduce and photocopy documents related to the Sultanate, which are available in the National Archives of India.
The New York Times said Halsberghe, a retired magistrate, said she placed her documents with the National Archives in 2009 after receiving an anonymous phone call warning her to be careful about their safekeeping.

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