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(Arabic, “deputy”), in medieval Muslim states such as the Arabian Caliphate and the Golden Horde, the governor of a district or province; in the Azerbaijani khanates, the governor of a magal (district or province); and under the imamate of Shamil in Dagestan, the imam’s appointed deputy, who exercised military and administrative authority over a specific territory.

In some contemporary Muslim countries, a naib is the deputy of a government official or a member of the clergy, at times a local chief of police or a village elder. Under the Ottoman Empire the naib was a judge of a Sharia court, deputy of a supreme judge, or assistant to a gadi.

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It's one thing to say MGAs are the problem, but not all in fact are a problem," said Coletta Kemper, public affairs director of the National Association of Insurance Brokers.
He is also active in insurance industry activities serving on the boards of the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, Insurance Brokers Association of New York, and the National Association of Insurance Brokers.
Moore said to the quarterly board meeting of the National Association of Insurance Brokers (NAIB).

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