National Association of Manufacturers

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National Association of Manufacturers


(NAM) the largest organization of US monopolists. Founded in 1895; as of 1973, some 30,000 firms were members of the NAM, including the country’s most powerful business concerns.

The NAM plays a major role in American political and social life. The organization is headed by a board of directors. Among its officers are a president and a group of permanent, regional, and honorary vice-presidents. There are also approximately 20 standing committees which analyze and draft recommendations on problems of government policy in the USA. These include such questions as foreign policy, current economic prospects, international trade, domestic social change, influence over public opinion, labor unions and the labor movement, and taxation. The NAM’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., coordinates the activity of the organization’s regional centers.

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Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers are backing Intel's appeal, arguing that the appeals court decision gives foreign companies an opportunity to seek highly sensitive information about policies and strategies of U.S.
The president of the American Bar Association accused Democrats of "seeking to turn back the tide of progress" and "plunge us into a sea of socialism" The National Association of Manufacturers issued stickers saying "Free Business from Political Persecution." But such rants, at that moment in history anyway, were generally ignored.
Don Wainwright, chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers and CEO of Wainwright Industries shared his views on capital formation, productivity, homeland security and leadership in turbulent times.
O'Neill has spent two days talking to Wall Street executives and addressing the National Association of Manufacturers.
The National Association of Manufacturers has established the Asbestos Alliance, a coalition including trade associations and asbestos defendant companies, to seek congressional legislation to solve what it calls the country's asbestos litigation crisis.
Last year, a Muncie POP team won a trophy and $10,000 from the National Association of Manufacturers. That team saved Spartech $200,000 by cutting changeover time 50% on the company's most complex sheet line, a five-layer coex line with EVOH and PVDC barrier layers.
Contact: National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), 800.840.0678,
Speaking to the National Association of Manufacturers at the end of September, Thompson said the two ranking members of the Senate committee-Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Judd Gregg (R-NH)-were "enthusiastic and supportive" of his choice.
He is a past chairman for the Farm Foundation, founding chairman of the Ag Electronics Association, served as chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers Associations Council, was the first Chairman of the Ag Day Foundation, an early volunteer leader of the "Food, Land and People" project, appointed to the USDA "Task Force on Air Quality Research" committee, post chairman of the Ag Relations Council (ARC), active in FFA support programs and has been member of NAMA since 1962.
For example, a recent survey identified a skills gap in the workplace (National Association of Manufacturers, 1998).
Yost has served on numerous boards including Kennameta Inc., the National Association of Manufacturers, the National Alliance of Business, the Economic Club of Detroit, the Automotive Hall of Fame, Detroit Renaissance and United Way Community Services.
Joining the list of groups filing lawsuits against the standard is the National Association of Manufacturers, which represents 14,000 companies.

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