National Battlefields

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They find rightful homes in Canadian institutions and national landmarks such as the Royal Military College of Canada, the National War Memorial, various national battlefields, the National Peace Tower, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and many others.
In addition to preserving important parts of American history, many national battlefields, national monuments and national historic sites protect large areas of land, along with the plants and animals that live there.
At this time the National Park Service assumed control of twelve national battlefields, eleven national military parks, two national parks, and three memorials.
Management of these areas are of critical importance to managers because the Richmond and Petersburg National Battlefields contain over 150 km (93 mi) of military earthworks and fortifications (Michael Brennan, National Richmond Battlefield, personal communication).
This van-supported camping trip takes in six national battlefields and parks.
"We are pleased not just locally but also at a national level because this was a very good test of the National Battlefields Register," he said.
These include the National Battlefields Park Interpretation Centre close to where the forces of Wolfe and Montcalm battled in 1759.
"You go back over with a metal detector and you'll find much more." That's where volunteers with metal detectors come in: Kidd has worked with clubs at Shiloh and Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefields in Georgia and Tennessee, respectively (Civil War); Horseshoe Bend National Military Park in Alabama (War of 1812); Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site in Texas (US-Mexico War); and Guilford Courthouse National Military Park in North Carolina (Revolutionary War).
Originally conceived as a system of kiosks at national battlefields, the idea evolved with the development of the Internet into something that could be used with home computers.

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