National Bible Week

Bible Week, National

November, begins the Sunday before Thanksgiving
A week devoted to encouraging people to read the Bible, in the belief that it will arouse a positive spiritual force in a world plagued with problems. National Bible Week is promoted by the National Bible Association (originally the Laymen's National Committee), a non-denominational group of businessmen founded in 1940 and devoted to the application of the Golden Rule in daily life. A huge audience listened to the NBC radio program that was broadcast to kick off the first National Bible Week scheduled for December 8-14, 1941; Pearl Harbor had been bombed just hours before.
National Bible Association
1865 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
212-408-1390; fax: 212-408-1448
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We are celebrating National Bible Week which begins on January 22 and ends on the 28th.
BOB COSTAS, on why Mark McGwire was named Chairman of National Bible Week last summer: "Doesn't the Bible start with the words, 'In the big inning...?"
The First Church of Christ, Scientist, will have a display of Bibles in celebration of National Bible Week (Nov.
According to the Boston Globe, Stetson is the "main organizing force" behind the National Bible Association, which sponsors National Bible Week and promotes the Bible as the path to salvation.
In the U.S., the Bible has a week-long celebration, ( National Bible Week , which falls every year during the week of Thanksgiving.
124 last year declaring the month of January as National Bible Month and the last week of January as National Bible Week "in recognition of the religious nature of the Filipino people and the existing influence of religion in human society."
He said the proclamations were in harmony with declaring the last week of January of every year as 'National Bible Week.'
to 9 a.m., in celebration of National Bible Week. This is a fundraising event in support of the "May They Be One" Bible campaign to be distributed to five million Filipino poor families.
National Bible Week (NBW) 2015 is fast-approaching.
5, a copy of which was released to the media on Monday, also set every last week of January as 'National Bible Week.'
Now comes President Duterte who puts one over the previous proclamations by declaring January as National Bible Month and the last week as National Bible Week. This is the longest presidential proclamation yet referring to the Bible, with several 'whereases' that are quite intriguing.

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