National Bilby Day

Bilby Day, National

Second Sunday of September
Bilbies are nocturnal marsupials in Australia. The animal is not well known compared to the other iconic animals of Australia, the koala and the kangaroo, a fact that conservationists hope to rectify by raising awareness on National Bilby Day. The event takes place in Charleville, a town located west of Brisbane in northeastern Australia, where the bilbies are part of a captive breeding program run by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.
Founded by two local wildlife preservations, National Bilby Day was officially launched in 2005 and arrives at the tail end of Australia's Threatened Species Week. The day's activities are organized by the Save the Bilby Fund, which collects money from year-round fund-raising operations. For past observances, the fund has received a large donation from the manufacturer of a popular chocolate bilby.
A warm-up night, called the "Nocturnal" party, brings people together before the main event the next day. On Bilby Day many of the stalls that are set up cater toward youth. Booths sell bilby stuffed animals and offer face-painting and bilby ears to dress children up like the beloved critters. Choirs perform songs that shed light on the endangered animals, and wildlife experts are on hand to give talks on the current status of bilbies and other endangered species.
Save the Bilby Fund
P.O. Box 155
Charleville, Queensland 4470 Australia
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Splendid efforts are being made to assist the bilby to survive (see Part 2) and, twice-yearly, there is a special focus on the animal: Easter and National Bilby Day (the second Sunday in September).

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