National Bison Range

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National Bison Range

Address:132 Bison Range Rd
Moiese, MT 59824

Established: 1908.
Location:Northwest of Missoula in western Montana.
Facilities:Visitor center, picnic areas, hiking trails, auto tour routes, interpretive exhibits.
Activities:Fishing, hiking, educational programs.
Special Features:Protects one of the most important remaining herds of bison. The animals were reestablished here after the number of known wild bison was reduced to 20 from about 50 million in the early 1800s. The refuge maintains a herd of 350-500animals.
Habitats: 18,500 acres of Palouse prairie, forests, wetlands, and streams.
Access: Open during daylight hours.
Wild life: Bison, deer, elk, bighorn sheep, black bear, and pronghorn.

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However, in 1928, 22 plains bison (Bison bison bison) from the National Bison Range in Montana were introduced to the Delta Junction region, about 150 km southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska (Fig.
The book chronicles ElrodAEs role in establishing Glacier National Park and the National Bison Range, his work for the National Park Naturalist Service, and his development of the University of MontanaAEs biology station at Flathead Lake.
Major herds in Montana include the 3,900-head Yellowstone herd, the 6,000-head herd at Ted Turner's ranch on the Gallatin River, and the 400-head National Bison Range Herd near Flathead Lake, established by Congress at the turn of the 20th century to save the American bison from extinction.
Researchers working on the National Bison Range in Montana found that fawn mortality, increases substantially only a few years after coyote control efforts stop.
Buffalo country: America's National Bison Range by wildlife photographer Donald M.
The best huckleberry shake in the state could well be at the Bison Inn Caf at Ravalli near the National Bison Range.
Ironically, the national government established the National Bison Range only a few years later in nearby Moiese.
He pushed for the creation of the first national bison range, in Moiese, Montana.
Fish and Wildlife Service at the National Bison Range in Montana, looks out for the welfare of grazing bison.
declines Lewis and Clark Caverns -7% Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area -23% Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument -11% National Bison Range -11% Libby Dam -11% Montana Historical Society -7% Museum of the Rockies -17%
National Bison Range. Only a few feet from the car, the bison's wet nose glistens, backed by a muscular body silhouetted in the sun.

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