National Bureau of Standards

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National Bureau of Standards:

see National Institute of Standards and TechnologyNational Institute of Standards and Technology,
governmental agency within the U.S. Dept. of Commerce with the mission of "working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards" in the national interest. It was established by act of Congress on Mar.
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National Bureau of Standards

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Allan Harvey, an engineer with the National Bureau of Standards, and Heather Looy, an Alberta professor of psychology, have ably stepped in to carry on that work.
Pero una investigacion del National Bureau of Standards (Oficina Nacional de Estandares) dos anos despues no encontro pruebas de una reduccion en el consumo de energia.
In 1955 the United States National Bureau of Standards was funded by the Department of the US Navy to develop a method for evaluating conductor current carrying capacity in printed circuits.
He served as Associate Editor for an 800 page technical handbook and helped write several electrical standards on a committee of the National Bureau of Standards.
building codes and standards, requested the National Bureau of Standards (NBS, now the National Institute for Standards and Technology) to develop design and evaluation guidelines for energy conservation in buildings for use by the states, pending development of national standards.
agreement with the National Bureau of Standards to develop
The committee fashioned a report presented to Congress urging that the National Bureau of Standards be required to "approve a family of containers without delay.
In a study published in June 2003, Salford and colleagues exposed rats to RF EMF in special transverse electromagnetic transmission line chambers (TEM-cells) designed by scaling down previously constructed cells at the National Bureau of Standards.
Machine mutiny is just one of several possible futures for human/machine relations outlined by Thomas Georges, former research scientist at the National Bureau of Standards, in his book Digital Soul.
The legislature chose to adopt the FDA's findings only as a standard by which to determine whether reasonable care has been taken by drug manufacturers or sellers, the court said, in the same way that states adopt the findings of the National Bureau of Standards when referring to weights.
Jouppi, a mechanical engineer with a seasoned interest in thermal management, questioned the accuracy of the existing current carrying capacity charts, which date back to work conducted in the 1950s by the National Bureau of Standards.
TEM-cells used for the RF EMF exposure of rats were designed by dimensional scaling from previously constructed cells at the National Bureau of Standards (Crawford 1974).

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