National Committee

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National Committee


(1) The local organs of state authority and administration in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. National committees exist at the local, city, district, and province levels. They are representative bodies of deputies elected through secret ballot under universal, equal, and direct suffrage for a term of four years.

National committees organize the planned economic, social, and cultural development of the territory under their jurisdiction and ensure the protection of the socialist economic system, public order, and the rights of citizens and socialist organizations; national committees also participate in strengthening the defense capacity of the republic.

National committees decide the major questions within their competence at plenary sessions held by province and district national committees at least four times a year and by city and local national committees at least six times a year. Every national committee creates a council to act as an executive organ with general competence; various commissions to act as initiating, monitoring, and executive bodies; and a committee of people’s control. Province, district, and city national committees create departments for the different branches of the national economy and for other relevant areas.

(2) The national affiliates of certain international nongovernmental organizations. For instance, the National Committee of Historians of the USSR is a member of the International Committee for Historical Sciences and the National Committee of Soviet Geographers is a member of the International Geographical Union.

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The national committee has also ordered the Koh Kong and Pursat provincial Military Police to step up their patrols at the Mom III area, where the three provinces share a border.
Law 20/1995 regarding the establishment of the National Committee for Prevention of AIDS was rescinded as well as Edict 49/2013 regarding the formation of the National Committee for Prevention of AIDs as well as any provision contrary to this edict.
Wang stressed the importance of the special committees of the CPPCC National Committee, urging to perform fundamental functions in CPPCC work.
The proposed agenda of the annual session includes hearing and deliberation on a report about the work of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and a report on how the proposals by CPPCC National Committee members were handled after the previous session.
Ani ng Sining: Philippine Arts Festival will be composed of various flagship projects of NCCA's SCA seven national committees: Architecture, Cinema, Dance, Literary Arts, Music, Dramatic Arts, and Visual Arts.
* Working with National Committee to set a strategic direction for both the Professional Practice Committee and PNC as a whole.
The National Committee for Financial Inclusion in Palestine held its first meeting at the headquarter of the Palestine Monetary Authority in Ramallah, in joint leadership of the Palestine Monetary Authority Governor, Mr.
Khartoum, April 18 (SUNA)- Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, chaired Wednesday the preparatory meeting for the national campaign for combating drugs, which was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Interior, the National Committee for Drugs Combat and concerned organs.
He was elected as chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) on Wednesday.
Summary: Meeting of National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking discusses various topics
In a statement following the issuance of the Human Rights Council resolution, he said that the acceptance to provide support for the Yemeni national committee for investigations in human rights violations once more confirms that the committee is committed to international humanitarian laws and that adopting the draft Arab resolution also confirms the efforts being exerted by the Kingdom and that it is a victory for the Arab diplomacy.

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