National Discussion

National Discussion


in socialist states one of the manifestations of direct democracy; in particular, a form of participation by citizens in creating laws.

As distinct from a national referendum, a national discussion is not a form of ratifying a law or deciding a problem, but rather has a consultative character. The remarks, desires, and suggestions concerning a published legislative bill, as expressed by citizens during the course of a national discussion, are taken into consideration by the legislative organs for the purpose of improving the legislation. In the USSR the practice of conducting national discussions is being developed more and more as one of the ways of improving socialist democracy and of drawing Soviet citizens into the law-making activity of the state.

A widespread national discussion was carried out in the USSR, for example, in 1956 over bills on the state pension, in 1968 on the draft of the Principles of Land Legislation, and in 1970 on the draft of the Principles of Water Legislation.


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And yet, however just these sentiments will be allowed to be, we have already sufficient indications that it will happen in this as in all former cases of great national discussion.
His most recent act to stay relevant in the national discussion is his hint that rogue elements in the establishment were behind Benzair's assassination.
Speaking in the House of Lords, said: "I think we need to have a national discussion about the role of London in governing England.
creates great places to play, inspires communities to promote and support play, and works to drive the national discussion about the importance of play in fostering healthy lives and communities.
An especially appreciated and uncommon contribution to our national discussion about the value of revealing governmental misconduct despite federal laws prohibiting such exposures, "Doing Time Like A Spy" deserves as wide an audience and readership as possible.
chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, to end backroom deals and begin the national discussion on health care.
The circumstances of Bland's arrest, which was caught on dashboard camera video, spurred a national discussion about race and policing.
Summary: The prospect of creating a national oil company in Lebanon is now at the forefront of a national discussion concerning the country's nascent oil and gas sector.
Sanders have repeatedly pledged to stay in the race until the July convention, in a bid to influence the national discussion.
Bishkek has hosted the first national discussion on Ee"Challenges and ways of development of small hydropower in the Kyrgyz Republic.
I'm thrilled for this opportunity to participate in the national discussion on developing a new model for teaching our residents and setting new goals," Wehner said.
The Bulgarian prime minister said this at a national discussion entitled aYes

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